Crepuscule {kre - pa - skyool}

Camped by the Mysterious Jungle | Night Fall

The party, having just been mysteriously transported to a mysterious Jungle, makes camp and huddles around the fire.

Torgan, knowing that Feld does not trust him (and most likely the rest of the group as well), decides to address his understandably outsider role in the group.

You know Feld, I’ve traveled to other planes before, but never to one of the 9 levels of Hell. When I found myself there, I thought I’d be able to locate a portal home, but that place is not easy to walk around, let alone work the tricky business of locating and unlocking a portal back to the Material Plane.

When I first met the four of you, I was intrigued by the idea that you could teach me more about the planes I thought you haled from (Torgan points the stick he’s been drawing in the dirt with towards Mepit and Feld). Of course, now I know that you were raised by humans Feld. Heh..and the little blue guy….I can’t understand a word that weird little dude says.

In any case. You probably want to know more about me. Let’s see. I’m a dwarf obviously. Sort of an outsider among my people. I love to wander, seek new lands and new civilizations…..hey that’s catchy. Planar Travel is my real interest….that and TREASURE (He gives a hearty belly laugh). Eh HEM…..There’s not much more to me than that (Avila presses him more, asking about Torgan’s family and where he comes from. Torgan coughs, almost choking on some charred snake the group had made for dinner and quickly changes the subject).

So anyway, like I was saying, treasure. I’m good at finding it, taking it and getting out. I’ve also dabbled in finding specialty items on other planes. All I’m saying, is if you need something, maybe I can help. You seem like a good group to find some adventure with and I’d like to be a part of it and help where I can. ……wooohhh…I’ve been blabbering forever….where are we anyway? I’ll take first watch.”



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