Crepuscule {kre - pa - skyool}

Monster Squad Restart

Friday May 17th, 2013

NEXT GAME SESSION – Monster Squad Re-start

The next game session will be both a trial run and a reboot of sorts. Previous sessions stories, information and treasure collected still apply.

In order to start everyone off on equal footing (this is the reboot part),everyones characters are being kicked up to Level 8*. Ben’s Water Mephit is already level 8, but according to the character sheets I have, everyone else was 6 or 7. Thus, everyone is being brought up to Level 8 for the restart/reboot.

Elena’s Dragon has been tweaked. She is now a Young Dragon instead of Very Young. The only difference is her age, now being around 23. Her level advancement, size, and powers have not changed.

Jay’s Half-Fiend has also been tweaked. These changes are to fix mechanical issues with how I interpreted the Savage Species character conversion. Most of the half-fiend stats have increased,(a couple have decreased). The biggest change being that he now only has 5 monster levels. The ECL (effective character level) that determines monster levels was calculated incorrectly as 8 and has now been fixed.

Ben’s Water Mephit does not change. I had clear and straight forward rules in the Savage Species Book.

George’s Dragonkin….I still have to look at the character and double check it is created correctly.

This is a TRIAL RUN. Story elements encountered in the session will most likely carry through, however character deaths will not have the usual consequences. This is intended to give me the freedom to throw monsters and encounters at the group without fearing I have mis-judged the difficulty. It also allows the whole group to just start playing and re-familiarize ourselves with the rules without worrying (too much) about messing up or arguing rules.

Of course we can take note of combat systems and dice rolls that we think were not implemented correctly and we can look into it after the game, if we can’t remember or find the exact rules in a short amount of time.

I’m hoping this helps to just dive in, have fun, and be a little creative. Hopefully after a session or 2, the group as a whole (including me as a DM) will have a better grasp on rules and the mechanical/technical stuff.

This first session might be messy, but I hope that’s ok, I just want to have fun.



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