Crepuscule {kre - pa - skyool}


MAY 18TH 2013


PART 1 | Exiting the Portal

The party, with the help of Feld’s quick thinking and gamble that his blood would open the portal, found themselves spit out onto a frozen mountainous tundra. As the portal closed behind them, they heard screams off in the distance. Aela took off flying and the rest of the group followed, barely having time to get their bearings.

PART 2 | Rescue of Avila

The half-celestial Avila had been captured by 2 stone giants while trying to retrieve the stolen belongings of a nearby town. The Monster Squad, hearing her screams, came upon the stone giants and attacked. Feld was able to free Avila and she joined the battle.

Mepit discovered his shiny new sword seemed to have a will of it’s own. It turned on him mid battle, taking a swipe at his own arm. Finally after taking some massive clubs to the head, Sesura and Feld were able to cut down one of the stone giants. Mepit began to do battle with his own sword while the rest of the party continued to engage the remaining giant. Aela fended off the second giant until her friends were able to come and help. Avila took her revenge on the last stone giant, sending an arrow through his head.

PART 3 | Mysterious Teleportation

As the party rummaged through the remains of the dead Stone Giants, they introduced themselves to the beautiful winged being they had just rescued. After several minutes of conversation, the entire party started to feel a strange vibration in the air. A pressure bore down on their skulls and then there was a huge flash of white light.

The party awoke to find themselves in the middle of a jungle. Feld kicked Torgan awake, thinking that the dwarf may have something to do with this sudden change of scenery. Torgan claimed he was just as confused as the rest of the party.

The question now is, where is the party and what has caused them to be teleported to this random place?



Group XP Gained | 3600 | Split evenly between all characters.

Random Loot Worth | 3400gp



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