Crepuscule {kre - pa - skyool}

Out of Time: Monster Squad Side Quest - Part 1

Rumble with 3 Rogues

Originally, the group entered the thieves guild to get a map and a scroll from an old man.

In this session, Sessura, Feld, and the NPC Dwarf Rogue Targan entered a cavern. Forward was a drop off that could be crossed via some rickety boards; to the north and south were tunnels. Below, in the gorge with a river in it, there were three rogues to the south; drinking and talking around a fire. Easy prey, or so the group thought…

The end of the fight resulted in:

  • One dead, having been knocked unconscious by the dwarf and left to drown in the river (for the crime of having crappy beer and a mere 5gp at the campfire)
  • One caught and interrogated by a airborne Feld; with a 75 foot fall awaiting him if Feld didn’t like his answers
  • One unconscious; having been choked out underwater by Sessura, then dragged up on the river bank.

During Feld’s interrogation, the rogue let slip that the guild has been holding a female prisoner name Petra.



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