Crepuscule {kre - pa - skyool}

The Beginning | A Trip to Hell

Sat. Feb 26th, 2011




Coins: 1300gp,

fiery yellow corundum (1200gp) 
black opal (1100gp) 
pink pearl (80gp)
Total Value: 2380
2 x minor,
Scroll of Arcane 1d3 spells level 2 Owls wisdom , Invisibility
Potion of Bless weapon


Jasper: Head of the Orth’la mages


Special Items Aquired:

Mini George Sword
Int: 17 Wis: 13 Cha: 24 Ego: 19
Abilities: Charm Person (DC 11)(Touch)
Feather Fall 1/Day

Item Traits: Speech

Tail Mace
Int: 14 Wis: 15 Cha: 19 Ego: 16
Abilities: Charm Person (DC 11)(Touch)
Find Trap
Detect Magic
See Invisible

Item Traits: Semi-Empathy

Perfectly fitting plate mail
Int: 10 Wis: 8 Cha: 11 Ego: 10
Abilities: Combat Reflexes

Item Traits: Speech

Part 1: Ship to Hell

The group fights a ship full of demons. The ships Captain is a Pit Fiend who requests the group to cross over to the Hell dimension with Him. The group reluctantly agrees and are brought to a gigantic tower where they meet with the head devil. He claims he is Feld’s father and that Feld is destined to unleash hell on the material plane. Feld resists and the group is put into the dungeon.

Part 2: The Hidden Spiraling Hallway

Torgan shows up and explains that he was transported to this hell dimension when he fell into the swirling pool under Ortha’la. He says he knows a way out.

- Group enters through the fireplace, following Torgan.

- Torgan tells the group that “by a stroke of luck, the Demons launched yet another all out attack on the Devils stronghold”, which should give the group some breathing room.

- The spiraling hallway is narrow and smells of old smoke, must, and death. Rats scurry around and skeletons both whole and in pieces are scattered throughout.
The group will walk down and down and down for what seems an eternity, until the corridor opens into a more roughly built. It’s deathly quiet.

- During the journey down, Torgan explains that he thinks he’s found a way home. He overheard the Devils speaking of a cave that keeps them from crossing over to the Material Plane. A spell was long ago cast on the last remaining portal from hell to the material plane. It’s a cave on the outer edge of Avernus. From what he understands it can only be opened by “one who’s spirit is split in two. One half in hell and one half trapped in the world of men”

- The path opens into a larger cave like area. There is a long dead bronze dragon (happens to be elena’s father, captured during the great war). Skeleton can be seen showing through parts of the dragon, while rotting flesh is still falling off and rats nibble on various parts.

Part 3: The Journey to the Cave
The group is not pursued. Though they constantly feel as if they are being followed. A spirit is keeping tabs on them.

-End up in orth’la

-the group delivered the box to Orth’la



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