Crepuscule {kre - pa - skyool}

Red Dragons, Tiny Creatures, Headaches and random teleportation.......

Oh MY………..

JUNE 8TH 2013

Red Dragons, Tiny Creatures, Headaches, random teleportation and creepy forests with no animals

Scene 1

We didn’t start the jungle fire….It was that HUGE Red Dragon

As the group sat by the camp fire eating their truly awful charred snake dinner, Torgan tried to integrate himself into the group. Feld took first watch and Avila tried her best to distract him by asking him a million questions.

Soon Feld heard something in the Jungle and he bagan waking the group as torch lights began to dot the surrounding jungle.suddenly a loud deafening roar echoed through the jungle from above. Feld and Aelin flew up above the canopy and saw off in the distance a HUGE Red Dragon flying towards them at great speed, lighting the Jungle ablaze.

The group grabbed their gear, Sesura grabbed Torgan and they fled through the jungle in the opposite direction. Tiny creatures could be seen fleeing in all directions. Suddenly a familiar feeling came over everyone as they flew. Their surrounding got blurry, their heads began to pound and ……poof…. they were transported to yet another location. This time a vast, dense forest.

Scene 2

Red Wood Forest

The sudden, unintentional teleportation caught Feld off guard and he began a swift descent through the forest canopy. Fortunately he was able to catch himself and tumbled to a safe landing.

The rest of the party, following his trajectory, made their way down to the forest road and began their trek to figure out where they had landed. After an hour or so, Aelin began to notice an eerie quiet and an odd lack of forest animals roaming about. As several hours past, they continued to see very little animal activity.

The silence was suddenly broken by a blood curdling scream, and then another, as a peasant man came running around the corner. He screamed for help as he saw the group, but quickly realized they were not your normal group of adventurers and slid to stop, falling to the ground.

Scene 3

The Horseman

The peasant turned tail and ran back the other way as Mepit shot off into the trees to the left of the path. Mepit peered through the trees to the road around the bend and saw a headless horseman killing a peasant woman. Mepit shot out of the trees in hopes of killing the feindish creature riding another creature……..He missed and flew past as the horseman took off around the bend.

Aelin and Avila snuck off into the trees in hopes of getting around their rather large companions as the horseman came around the bend. Before the group could reach the horseman, he beheaded the peasant running towards him.

The group engaged the horseman.



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