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Out of Time: Monster Squad Side Quest - Part 1
Rumble with 3 Rogues

Originally, the group entered the thieves guild to get a map and a scroll from an old man.

In this session, Sessura, Feld, and the NPC Dwarf Rogue Targan entered a cavern. Forward was a drop off that could be crossed via some rickety boards; to the north and south were tunnels. Below, in the gorge with a river in it, there were three rogues to the south; drinking and talking around a fire. Easy prey, or so the group thought…

The end of the fight resulted in:

  • One dead, having been knocked unconscious by the dwarf and left to drown in the river (for the crime of having crappy beer and a mere 5gp at the campfire)
  • One caught and interrogated by a airborne Feld; with a 75 foot fall awaiting him if Feld didn’t like his answers
  • One unconscious; having been choked out underwater by Sessura, then dragged up on the river bank.

During Feld’s interrogation, the rogue let slip that the guild has been holding a female prisoner name Petra.

Red Dragons, Tiny Creatures, Headaches and random teleportation.......

Oh MY………..

JUNE 8TH 2013

Red Dragons, Tiny Creatures, Headaches, random teleportation and creepy forests with no animals

Scene 1

We didn’t start the jungle fire….It was that HUGE Red Dragon

As the group sat by the camp fire eating their truly awful charred snake dinner, Torgan tried to integrate himself into the group. Feld took first watch and Avila tried her best to distract him by asking him a million questions.

Soon Feld heard something in the Jungle and he bagan waking the group as torch lights began to dot the surrounding jungle.suddenly a loud deafening roar echoed through the jungle from above. Feld and Aelin flew up above the canopy and saw off in the distance a HUGE Red Dragon flying towards them at great speed, lighting the Jungle ablaze.

The group grabbed their gear, Sesura grabbed Torgan and they fled through the jungle in the opposite direction. Tiny creatures could be seen fleeing in all directions. Suddenly a familiar feeling came over everyone as they flew. Their surrounding got blurry, their heads began to pound and ……poof…. they were transported to yet another location. This time a vast, dense forest.

Scene 2

Red Wood Forest

The sudden, unintentional teleportation caught Feld off guard and he began a swift descent through the forest canopy. Fortunately he was able to catch himself and tumbled to a safe landing.

The rest of the party, following his trajectory, made their way down to the forest road and began their trek to figure out where they had landed. After an hour or so, Aelin began to notice an eerie quiet and an odd lack of forest animals roaming about. As several hours past, they continued to see very little animal activity.

The silence was suddenly broken by a blood curdling scream, and then another, as a peasant man came running around the corner. He screamed for help as he saw the group, but quickly realized they were not your normal group of adventurers and slid to stop, falling to the ground.

Scene 3

The Horseman

The peasant turned tail and ran back the other way as Mepit shot off into the trees to the left of the path. Mepit peered through the trees to the road around the bend and saw a headless horseman killing a peasant woman. Mepit shot out of the trees in hopes of killing the feindish creature riding another creature……..He missed and flew past as the horseman took off around the bend.

Aelin and Avila snuck off into the trees in hopes of getting around their rather large companions as the horseman came around the bend. Before the group could reach the horseman, he beheaded the peasant running towards him.

The group engaged the horseman.

Camped by the Mysterious Jungle | Night Fall

The party, having just been mysteriously transported to a mysterious Jungle, makes camp and huddles around the fire.

Torgan, knowing that Feld does not trust him (and most likely the rest of the group as well), decides to address his understandably outsider role in the group.

You know Feld, I’ve traveled to other planes before, but never to one of the 9 levels of Hell. When I found myself there, I thought I’d be able to locate a portal home, but that place is not easy to walk around, let alone work the tricky business of locating and unlocking a portal back to the Material Plane.

When I first met the four of you, I was intrigued by the idea that you could teach me more about the planes I thought you haled from (Torgan points the stick he’s been drawing in the dirt with towards Mepit and Feld). Of course, now I know that you were raised by humans Feld. Heh..and the little blue guy….I can’t understand a word that weird little dude says.

In any case. You probably want to know more about me. Let’s see. I’m a dwarf obviously. Sort of an outsider among my people. I love to wander, seek new lands and new civilizations…..hey that’s catchy. Planar Travel is my real interest….that and TREASURE (He gives a hearty belly laugh). Eh HEM…..There’s not much more to me than that (Avila presses him more, asking about Torgan’s family and where he comes from. Torgan coughs, almost choking on some charred snake the group had made for dinner and quickly changes the subject).

So anyway, like I was saying, treasure. I’m good at finding it, taking it and getting out. I’ve also dabbled in finding specialty items on other planes. All I’m saying, is if you need something, maybe I can help. You seem like a good group to find some adventure with and I’d like to be a part of it and help where I can. ……wooohhh…I’ve been blabbering forever….where are we anyway? I’ll take first watch.”


MAY 18TH 2013


PART 1 | Exiting the Portal

The party, with the help of Feld’s quick thinking and gamble that his blood would open the portal, found themselves spit out onto a frozen mountainous tundra. As the portal closed behind them, they heard screams off in the distance. Aela took off flying and the rest of the group followed, barely having time to get their bearings.

PART 2 | Rescue of Avila

The half-celestial Avila had been captured by 2 stone giants while trying to retrieve the stolen belongings of a nearby town. The Monster Squad, hearing her screams, came upon the stone giants and attacked. Feld was able to free Avila and she joined the battle.

Mepit discovered his shiny new sword seemed to have a will of it’s own. It turned on him mid battle, taking a swipe at his own arm. Finally after taking some massive clubs to the head, Sesura and Feld were able to cut down one of the stone giants. Mepit began to do battle with his own sword while the rest of the party continued to engage the remaining giant. Aela fended off the second giant until her friends were able to come and help. Avila took her revenge on the last stone giant, sending an arrow through his head.

PART 3 | Mysterious Teleportation

As the party rummaged through the remains of the dead Stone Giants, they introduced themselves to the beautiful winged being they had just rescued. After several minutes of conversation, the entire party started to feel a strange vibration in the air. A pressure bore down on their skulls and then there was a huge flash of white light.

The party awoke to find themselves in the middle of a jungle. Feld kicked Torgan awake, thinking that the dwarf may have something to do with this sudden change of scenery. Torgan claimed he was just as confused as the rest of the party.

The question now is, where is the party and what has caused them to be teleported to this random place?



Group XP Gained | 3600 | Split evenly between all characters.

Random Loot Worth | 3400gp

Monster Squad Restart

Friday May 17th, 2013

NEXT GAME SESSION – Monster Squad Re-start

The next game session will be both a trial run and a reboot of sorts. Previous sessions stories, information and treasure collected still apply.

In order to start everyone off on equal footing (this is the reboot part),everyones characters are being kicked up to Level 8*. Ben’s Water Mephit is already level 8, but according to the character sheets I have, everyone else was 6 or 7. Thus, everyone is being brought up to Level 8 for the restart/reboot.

Elena’s Dragon has been tweaked. She is now a Young Dragon instead of Very Young. The only difference is her age, now being around 23. Her level advancement, size, and powers have not changed.

Jay’s Half-Fiend has also been tweaked. These changes are to fix mechanical issues with how I interpreted the Savage Species character conversion. Most of the half-fiend stats have increased,(a couple have decreased). The biggest change being that he now only has 5 monster levels. The ECL (effective character level) that determines monster levels was calculated incorrectly as 8 and has now been fixed.

Ben’s Water Mephit does not change. I had clear and straight forward rules in the Savage Species Book.

George’s Dragonkin….I still have to look at the character and double check it is created correctly.

This is a TRIAL RUN. Story elements encountered in the session will most likely carry through, however character deaths will not have the usual consequences. This is intended to give me the freedom to throw monsters and encounters at the group without fearing I have mis-judged the difficulty. It also allows the whole group to just start playing and re-familiarize ourselves with the rules without worrying (too much) about messing up or arguing rules.

Of course we can take note of combat systems and dice rolls that we think were not implemented correctly and we can look into it after the game, if we can’t remember or find the exact rules in a short amount of time.

I’m hoping this helps to just dive in, have fun, and be a little creative. Hopefully after a session or 2, the group as a whole (including me as a DM) will have a better grasp on rules and the mechanical/technical stuff.

This first session might be messy, but I hope that’s ok, I just want to have fun.

The Beginning | A Trip to Hell

Sat. Feb 26th, 2011




Coins: 1300gp,

fiery yellow corundum (1200gp) 
black opal (1100gp) 
pink pearl (80gp)
Total Value: 2380
2 x minor,
Scroll of Arcane 1d3 spells level 2 Owls wisdom , Invisibility
Potion of Bless weapon


Jasper: Head of the Orth’la mages


Special Items Aquired:

Mini George Sword
Int: 17 Wis: 13 Cha: 24 Ego: 19
Abilities: Charm Person (DC 11)(Touch)
Feather Fall 1/Day

Item Traits: Speech

Tail Mace
Int: 14 Wis: 15 Cha: 19 Ego: 16
Abilities: Charm Person (DC 11)(Touch)
Find Trap
Detect Magic
See Invisible

Item Traits: Semi-Empathy

Perfectly fitting plate mail
Int: 10 Wis: 8 Cha: 11 Ego: 10
Abilities: Combat Reflexes

Item Traits: Speech

Part 1: Ship to Hell

The group fights a ship full of demons. The ships Captain is a Pit Fiend who requests the group to cross over to the Hell dimension with Him. The group reluctantly agrees and are brought to a gigantic tower where they meet with the head devil. He claims he is Feld’s father and that Feld is destined to unleash hell on the material plane. Feld resists and the group is put into the dungeon.

Part 2: The Hidden Spiraling Hallway

Torgan shows up and explains that he was transported to this hell dimension when he fell into the swirling pool under Ortha’la. He says he knows a way out.

- Group enters through the fireplace, following Torgan.

- Torgan tells the group that “by a stroke of luck, the Demons launched yet another all out attack on the Devils stronghold”, which should give the group some breathing room.

- The spiraling hallway is narrow and smells of old smoke, must, and death. Rats scurry around and skeletons both whole and in pieces are scattered throughout.
The group will walk down and down and down for what seems an eternity, until the corridor opens into a more roughly built. It’s deathly quiet.

- During the journey down, Torgan explains that he thinks he’s found a way home. He overheard the Devils speaking of a cave that keeps them from crossing over to the Material Plane. A spell was long ago cast on the last remaining portal from hell to the material plane. It’s a cave on the outer edge of Avernus. From what he understands it can only be opened by “one who’s spirit is split in two. One half in hell and one half trapped in the world of men”

- The path opens into a larger cave like area. There is a long dead bronze dragon (happens to be elena’s father, captured during the great war). Skeleton can be seen showing through parts of the dragon, while rotting flesh is still falling off and rats nibble on various parts.

Part 3: The Journey to the Cave
The group is not pursued. Though they constantly feel as if they are being followed. A spirit is keeping tabs on them.

-End up in orth’la

-the group delivered the box to Orth’la

Adventure Log
A Monster Blog



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