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The Library contains all the relevent game and world info.

It has information on the many places and people that make up Crepuscule.

It also contains game and campaign information such as character profiles, character sheets, and possible information for adventurers looking for quests.

It will be gradually and constantly updated with new information and content as time goes on.


Here you will find a guide to the kingdoms, cities, towns, widely known stories and inhabitants of Crepuscule.


It’s said that The Oracle can see into a hero’s soul and reveal their destiny and in turn help steer a hero onto the correct path. She is also said to be able to reveal many other secrets and answer almost any question……if the price is right.

The Oracle’s location is known only to a few. If your intentions are pure and noble, and your heart is true, you may find your way to The Oracle.
Or you can grease the right palms with enough gold.


World maps and maps of places discovered by dungeon delving adventurers.


Many of the manuscripts and books have been ruined, lost, or stolen over the centuries.

Rewards are offered for any additional or recovered books and manuscripts brought back to the Library. Rewards vary greatly depending on the importance, rarity, and condition of the items.

If any adventurers come across these in there travels or are brave enough to retrieve items from known locations, any help would be greatly appreciated


Here you can find a quick guide to current campaigns, players and characters.


pronounced “Rool, not rowool or ruh less….idiot” noun, verb, ruled, rul·ing, I house rule you.

1.A rule I made up or changed from the book. Don’t F&#ing argue with me. I’m the God D@#n DM. Blue Lightning. Take 2 permanent wounds. *see house rule “Permanent Wounds”

2.S&%t the current group has decided to ignore, change, or make up and has now been added to the great book of House Rules

Click on the link to see the list of House Rules

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