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Bartender: “So Olgrad the Dwarf was in here spouting his normal drunken talk of how he’s the real king of Stormwood and how he can turn rock into gold with his mind, but one thing he said caught my ear. He claims he was visiting his sister in Rusthead and in the middle of the night, the town was attacked by a bunch of strange monsters. He was able to escape into the night, but hasn’t heard from his sister.”

“I also heard some old retired soldiers in here talking about a Dead Dragon’s Treasure Horde. They mentioned they were heading out to a small island to the east of the Scaled Peaks.

Elenor the barmaid “’Ello there. What you be havin’? We have ale…ale…and ale. {she leans down and lowers her voice} Ya’ see that drooling mess of a halfling in the corner? From what me sister tells me, he stayed at the Stardust Inn, the oldest inn in Stormwood, and has never been the same. It’s rumored that it wasn’t always an Inn, and people who stay there often leave a little….wrong.

Dalin the Bard {Dalin the Elven Bard strums his Lyre and sings an elvish song about eternal love. On his break he catches you on your way back to your table} “he says something yet to be determed by the DM”

Thin shady man at the very back table {man is muttering to himself and occasionally sings an unrecognizable tune. He addresses the party} "pssst….Hey. You lookin’ to make some loot?


Crepuscule {kre - pa - skyool} tinyGoblinBR