Creatures as Weapons

When a character attempts to swing, throw or otherwise use another creature (a creature is considered to be any humanoid or any creature in the MM) as a weapon, the rules are as follows (the following steps assume a grapple has already been achieved):

1. The player rolls his melee or ranged attack based on wether he is throwing (letting go of the creature at the end of the action) or swinging (holding onto and maintaining the grapple at the end of the action)

As with the improvised weapons rules (Page 133 Players Guide):

Because creatures are not designed for this use, any player or NPC that uses one in combat is considered to be non-proficient with it and takes a –4 penalty on attack rolls made with that creature.

2. Damage dealt by the creature, being improvised as a weapon, is based on the un-armed strike damage of the creature being swung and/or thrown. This is similar to the improvised weapons rules that say:

appropriate damage for an improvised weapon, compare its relative size and damage potential to the weapon list to find a reasonable match

Thus, in the case of using a creature as a weapon, damage is based on the un-armed strike damage of the creature being utilized, since the size and damage of the “creature weapon” is most closely related to that creatures un-armed strike.

Damage = Unarmed strike damage of “weapon creature” + Strength Modifier

Damage, as with unarmed strikes, is Non-Lethal.

Creatures as Weapons

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