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A roll of 1 on an attack roll is always a failed attack.

The house rule treats a 1 in the same way as a roll of 20, only opposite.

If a player rolls a 1 on their attack roll, that attack has failed. The player must now roll again to determine if that roll is a critical failure(or critical miss. Both phrases mean the same thing.)

If the second roll does not successfully hit (beat the intended targets AC or DC if attempting something other than an attack), than the attack is a critical failure (like a botch in vampire).

1.If the character critically fails his attack, the critical failure results in the character;
A) if they are in melee range the character will draw an attack of opportunity, Ex. Faldor the Elf runs at the 3 orc bandits and swings his rapier wildly. Swinging with a little too much Gusto, Faldor overswings, loses his balance. The orcs take adavantage of this gleefully take some pot shots. or
B) if attempting a ranged attack, the character will only be able to take a partial action on their next turn. Ex. The character tries to fire off an arrow but his hand slips and his bow string snaps back, arrow falling to the ground and his bow flies out of his hands as he loses his grip. or,
C) if attacking with a melee or ranged weapon against an opponent engaged in melee combat, the character will hit an unintended target.

2. If the character critically fails a roll that is not an attack roll (a roll against a DC), the consequence will be directly related to the action
Example: Little Moon is trying to pick a lock.( The DC is 15 and he rolls a 1. He then rolls again to see if his failure is critical. He rolls a 13, which does not hit the required DC 15. He has critically failed.) As little moon turns his lock picks in the lock, his hand slips, slamming the lock picks in the door which jams the lock shut, making it impossible to open.

If the critical failure roll (the second roll after the failed attack or attempt) successfully hits (beats the opponents AC or attempts DC) than the attack is simply a failure and there are no additional consequences.


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