Ale, Grog, Beer, Wine, the Devil’s Elixer. Crepuscule has many kinds. The Dwarves make the best Ale. The Elves make the best wine. The Half-Orcs have developed, by far, the STRONGEST Grog. Every Kingdom and race has their own specialty, but there are only a few things an adventurer needs to know.

weak, Average, and STRONG

1 STRONG Beverage = 2 Average beverages = 3 weak beverages

For every STRONG drink (or 2 Average or 3 weak), the player must make a fortitude save. Failing that save takes a temporary 2 points away from DEX, INT, and CON. It also curiously adds 1 temporary point to STR and WIS.

Every hour spent resting and not drinking will reverse this effect by 2 point/hour


You just drank a whole lot and your abilities have been reduced to almost nothing. Now What?


Your balance is all wacky. You have lost the ability to speak words and add your gold pieces together to pay for your drinks. DUDE!…..YOU’RE DRUNK.

If your temporary DEX is reduced to 0, you will be unable to stand.

If your temporary INT is reduced to 0 you will lose the ability to speak, or do anything useful.

If your temporary CON is reduced to 0, you will pass out.


Crepuscule {kre - pa - skyool} tinyGoblinBR