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When a character reaches -10 hit points (aka….DEAD, NOTE: that character may still be brought back to life *see house rule SH@! I’M DEAD.

A character who has reached -10 hit points(DEAD) and has been brought back to life, will be effected by 1 PERMANENT WOUND. This wound will be based upon how the character is killed and will be agreed upon by the DM and the Player.

Each time a character dies and comes back, that character will receive 1 permanent wound. These wounds are cumulative and increase is severity with each successive wound.

The Permanent Wounds effect on the character is as follows:

Wound 1 = -1hp
Wound 2 = -1hp
Wound 3 = -4hp
Wound 4 = -4hp
Wound 5 = -7hp (so, a person with 5 permanent wounds would have a permanent -17 to there HP)

The hp loss associated with a permanent wound will increase by 3 every 2 wound levels.

A Character with more negative HP from Permanent Wounds than Total HP is considered Crippled and/or a Vegetable….and/or useless. The party may now do what they will with the Crippled and/or a Vegetable….and/or useless character.

Suggestions for a Crippled and/or a Vegetable….and/or useless characters

1. Eat them. You’re probably lost and hurt and getting pretty hungry
2. Are you cold? What was that scene in Return of the Jedi with the Tauntaun?
3. Stuff them, keep them in the hideout and dress them up on holidays.
4. Burn them. Proper warrior burial
6. Um…I guess you could try and find some crazy powerful wizard or deity who would bring them back out of the good of their heart. Maybe a Necromancer. All Players want to play AS the Zombie.
7. Wish Spell. Do it……DO EEEEEEEETTTTTTT!


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