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You’re character has been beaten to a bloody pulp, has stopped breathing (because they are obviously a huge wuss), and their soul has crossed over into the land of the dead. Rip up you’re character sheet and make a new weak ass level 1 character…..NOT SO FAST!…seriously, stop ripping up the sheet (or deleting the digital file if your a huge computer nerd).

House rules regarding characters who have been reduced to -10 Hit Points, otherwise known as DEAD are as follows:

1.DEAD Characters become playable ghosts

see D&D Supplement GHOSTWALK

A player may continue to play their DEAD character as a ghost if they choose. The soul of a DEAD character will immediately begin the journey to the plane associated with their religion and deity. A player can attempt to fight this journey and stay connected to the material plane as a ghost if they choose.

A player may continue to play their character as a ghost until they are restored to life by some means.

2.A DEAD Character can ALWAYS be brought back(one way or another)

You may be wondering if there are exceptions. A character has been eaten or dismembered or even disintegrated. How the hell do you get a soul back when there is no body to return it too? Gather up the pieces or the ashes or the chunks and get moving. There is always a way. Some ways may have more dire consequences than others, while others may bring back a character better than he/she was before. Seek and ye shall find.

The traditional methods for resurrecting a character in the Core Rulebooks still apply. These house rules are to encourage creativity and expand on the core rules.

Methods of bringing a DEAD character back to life

a) The Traditional (Religious) Way – The Remaining party members (who are still alive) can bring the body of the dead character to a Priest. A priest and deity who is either worshipped by the character and/or inclined to help for some reason, may raise the character from the dead for little to no compensation and without any repercussions or side effects. A priest and/or deity who is not quite so friendly or inclined may require a bit more…..convincing, and maybe even more convincing to bring back the DEAD in more or less the same condition they were in before they died.

b) Magic – The remaining party members take the body of the deceased to a wizard witch or sorcerer and see if they can help. Necromancers might come to mind, but then again, they are probably about as reliable as a wish spell. Or Maybe you want a zombie pet instead of the friend who just took 10 arrows to the chest and a flaming club to the nuts and saved your sorry ass.

c) Wish Spell – Find a wish spell or a genie or other wish granting entity and wish a character back to life. We all know how this works….so WISH AT YOUR OWN RISK. If George Hull’s character is the one who died and is getting wished back to life, he will probably just come back as a toddler. You’ve been warned.

d) Travel to the Outer Planes – The remaining party members may go on a quest to find their DEAD friend and party member.
*see Manual of the Planes


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